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We don't want to List your property… We want to BUY IT!
If you would like to sell your unwanted Land, Lot or Parcel we can offer you a fast, trouble free sale as well as a fair price and IMMEDIATE CASH!   And of course, WE PAY ALL THE FEES and COSTS of Sale!
We are an established Real Estate Firm looking to buy Raw Land in your area for short term and long term investment purposes.  We have many highly satisfied clients who were glad to get CASH rather than have the burden or liability of property ownership. Many of these clients had plans for their property when they initially purchased it, but with time and circumstance…these plans changed.
Therefore, if you would like to have Money in exchange for your property please feel free to call us Toll Free at (888) 258-0236 or  CLICK HERE  to take a couple of minutes to submit your property information online and we'll get back to you.

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Land Prices – Facts About the Current Market Environment

Unfortunately as the housing market goes, so goes the land market.  At the time of this writing land prices have fallen sharply across the country.  This drop is reflected in many of the nations major internet listing sites like Zillow and Trulia and some of the specialized listing sites like LandWatch.com and LandFlip.com. 

Selling in a down market can be a hard pill to swallow.  There are many reasons why land owners sell in a down market:  Divorce, Death in the Family, Financial reasons, wanting to turn donated land into cash and many, many more.  When considering the sale of land their are 4 main elements that affect land pricing. 

They are:

1) Location

2) Demographics

3) Availability of Utilities

4) Zoning and Land Use Restrictions

All four of these elements impact the value of your land dramatically.  We speak with hundreds of land owners each month who did not take some of these elements into consideration when they purchased and they have difficulty coming to grasp with the reality of the value of their land.  Each situation is very unique and the marketplace is not very forgiving at the moment.  Read the rest of this entry

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